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From service work, to manufacturers, Manufacturing and improving on our own race winning suspension components since 2002. GP Suspension has the specific thing that will give you the confidence to get the most from your motorcycle. From Spring rate, to oil level and suspension geometry, GPS has the best solution for you. Guaranteed!

Service Requests

For service requests. Please download, print and fill out the service request form.


Suspension Services

In addition to offering installation services we offer routine servicing. Fork oil is broken down as it is subject to heat cycles and little bits of debris can get caught in between your pistons and shims creating damping loss. We recommend servicing your forks between 10,000-15,000 miles. Riders who do track days, race, or just tend to work their suspension hard should be on the shorter end of that range. 

Forks and shocks either shipped to the shop or dropped off. The forks and shock are completely disassembled, inspected and cleaned in the solvent tank. After cleaning, all parts are rinsed with brake wash to ensure complete cleanliness. All fork tubes and shock shafts are polished to remove all surface material that may tear the new fork or shock seals. The cartridges are disassembled down to the pistons. Every shim is cleaned and inspected and the piston polished on both sides. 

We inspect all fork tubes to insure that they are straight. We are able to achieve a tolerance of between 00.00 and 00.004 in.

All forks and shocks are tested before being certified as complete by checking rebound and compression action throughout the range. Preload, compression and rebound adjustments are set based on information you supply on the service order form or set to a recommended baseline setting. There is a final inspection prior to shipping or refitting to ensure that no fluid is leaking past the newly installed seals.

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